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How Do I Use This Tool?
Information Retrieval Education Resources supports students and instructors in learning and teaching about the topic of information retrieval. This Resource is designed to address the apex of learning needs as they intersect between the category, the type of learning resource, and the specific subject within the topic of information retrieval.
  1. Select a Resource Category
  2. There are two choices for resource categories; class schedule or available chapters in the Korfhage book. By selecting one of these categories you are designating the overall structure of topics by which the other resources fall. The class schedule refers to the schedule of topics discussed in Dr. Brusilovsky's Information Retrieval Class.
  3. Select a Type of Resource
    • All: Selecting "all" will provide a listing under each topic sequenced to present the tutorial or descriptive information, demonstrations which can be viewed individually or presented by instructors in a classroom, and software resources that can be used in student projects.
    • Tutorials: Tutorials are howtos of the subject consisting primarily of hyperlinked documents.
    • Demonstration: These are dynamic demonstrations of concepts, sometimes accompanied by explanation.
    • Software: Software refers to either demonstrations of concepts, resources such as lists of items that can be used in student projects, or in some cases source code.

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